Frequently Asked Questions

The more you know, the better we can work together to create some great photographs. 

Where are you located?

I live on South University about 3 blocks from TCU in Fort Worth, Texas, but run my photography business online. I'm a lifestyle photographer so I don't utilize a studio for photography sessions. 

What are your rates?

My current rates are listed here.

I'm not photogenic. Help!

Just about everyone claims to be un-photogenic, but it never turns out to be true. I enjoy coaching clients through the process of having their photos taken and practice a no-stress policy with my clients. Photo sessions are meant to capture the joy in your life, so let's have some fun and create some great memories together. After dozens of sessions with fussy toddlers and moody teenagers, I have a few tricks up my sleeve to help you get more comfortable in front of the camera and have a great time during your session.

What should I wear?

I have thought and thought about whether or not I should create a quick PDF to help clients with this decision, but since styles change every season, I recommend that my clients browse pinterest and search for 'photography session outfit ideas' to gain inspiration.

Do you provide hair/makeup?

I don't work directly with a hair/makeup artist, I'm happy to provide a list of recommendations upon request. Please be sure to allow plenty of extra time in case your appointment runs longer than expected. 

What is it rains or snows on my session date? 

If there is a chance for bad weather I will connect with you at least 24 hours before the session appointment to touch base or create a Plan B with you. In the event of severe/inclement weather on the day of your session, we will connect to reschedule for no additional fee. I keep a number of dates open each month to ensure that everyone gets their photos done within their time frame. 

I just need updated headshots - do you offer mini sessions? 

I believe that your photo session should not be rushed, but I totally understand the need to get a few professional LinkedIn photos or 1 or 2 updated photos (especially for all those students out there). To fulfill this need, I offer the same services provided in a full-length session at half the cost and a fraction of the time. To ensure that you can take advantage of this discounted rate and quick session length, please share as much information as you can with me when we connect. The more I know about what you are needing, the better I can photograph for you. 

*It's not uncommon for me to meet a client on their college campus for a quick 20 minute photo session so they can update their LinkedIn profile with a professional photo or two. So connect with me and let's make it happen. 

How do I get my photos? 

So here's the thing (this is my rant about the photography business and some fellow photographers, only because it happened to me once). There are a lot of photographers who are double charging for their services (you know, when you pay for the session then have to pay additional fees for access to the digital viewing library or for the digital copies of the photos (that you originally paid to have taken in the first place)). This doesn't make any sense to me. This method makes the client pay for their photos to get taken, but then the clients have to pay more to get their photos. I think that's ridiculous. The photos a client is paying the photographer to take of them should be given back to the client; it's what you are paying for. 

At A.L. Creative + Co., your session price includes the cost of delivering the digital copies of your images to you. There are no hidden fees with us. Ever. 

I offer two ways you can retrieve your photos. The first is by meeting up and giving you a flash drive that contains your edited images. The second option (usually the most convenient) is to send you a link to a Google Drive folder that contains your edited images that you can download and share at your convenience. 

Do you deliver every photo you shoot? 

On average, I shoot 5 times the amount of photos guaranteed for your session in order to ensure that we end up with great photos. For your final set of images, I'll shoot *at least* several hundred frames and then narrow them down to the best set that will be delivered to you. 

When will I get my photographs back?

My turnaround is usually within two weeks after your session date for most session types. The shorter the session, the shorter the turnaround will be.




FAQ About Abby 

How long have you been a photographer? 

I started photographing professionally when I was 15 years old, so over 6 years now. I got my first client after I posted some photos I took of my sister on Facebook. After that, more people connected with me and I've been busily photographing people's lives ever since.

What camera do you use? 

I shoot with two camera bodies, a Nikon D750 and a Nikon D7000 with a variety of lenses. 

Did you study photography in school?

Not officially, but I took photography classes through TCU's College of Fine Arts and attended Nikon Photography School. It was a tough decision between photography and english/writing, but ultimately I decided on a Liberal Arts degree. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Writing because I loved the freedom it offered me. I'm a pretty creative person, but I also really enjoy technical work and data analytics. A degree in writing offered me the best opportunity to combine my creative passions with my digital savviness which resulted in a career in digital marketing and content strategy.